Guwahati Ward No List 2023, New Ward list of Guwahati

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Guwahati Ward no area list, New Ward list of Guwahati, GMC ward list 2023, Guwahati Ward no list with name, Guwahati Municipal ward no list (গুৱাহাটী পৌৰ নিগমৰ ৱাৰ্ড no. তালিকা):

If You want to know about Guwahati’s complete Ward no list 2023 then you came to right place. Here you will find the total ward no list & location of Guwahati, Assam. There are 60 wards under Guwahati municipal corporation. You will find all the ward details in this post.

Guwahati Ward no list
Guwahati Ward number list 2023, Guwahati Ward no,

About Guwahati-

Guwahati is the largest Metro City of Assam. Guwahati is also known as Gauhati, Ghy etc. This city have above 15 lakhs population with mixed cultural people. Guwahati is the most rapidly growing city in India and is one of the country’s major tourist destinations.

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Guwahati Ward no list 2023-

Ward No. Location
1 Areas of Sodilapur, Dahan Garigaon, Kahari Garigaon, part of Pachim Jalukbari and part of Uttar Jalukbari
2 railway colony, part of Gotanagar, part of Uttar Jalukbari, majar Jalukbari, part of Pachim Jalukbari, parts of Tetelia and parts of Dakhin Jalukbari.
3 New railway colony of Pandu, Ferry Ghat railway colony number 3, 4, 5 and 6 and Institute railway colony.
4 Camp railway colony of Pandu, parts of Waterworks railway colony and temple Ghat colony.
5 Adabari and Garpandu.
6 Maligaon, Triangular railway colony area, Loco railway colony, B.B.C Colony, Adabari railway colony, new Adabari railway colony, part of Sadilapur area, part of Uttar Jalukbari, part of Jalukbari and Garpandu.
7 Kamakhya temple area, Kamakhya railway colony and Pandu nath Basti.
8 Kamkhya temple area and Kamakhya railway colony.
9 9 – West Maligaon railway colony, West Gotanagar railway colony, central Gotanagar railway colony, part of East Maligaon railway colony, East Gotanagar railway colony and Gosala railway colony.
10 Areas of Nambari, part of Gotanagar, Tetelia Gaon and Boragaon.
11 Fatashil, part of Datalpara, part of Manpara, part of Ganeshpara, part of Dhirenpara and part of Pub-Boragaon and Garchuk.
12 Parts of Gotanagar N.C., Maligaon N.C., part of Santipur and part of Devkota Nagarare.
13 Gotanagar, parts of Maligaon, Fatshil, Durgasarabor and Santipur.
14 Parts of Santipur area and Kumarpara area, and Bhutnath area.
15 Machkhowa, parts of Kumarpara and part of Athgaon.
16 Old jail campus, Shri Digambar Jain temple, GMC market complex and Vishwaratna hotel.
17 Panbazar and Lakhtokia
18 Borsha Beel, KC Das Commerce College and Guwahati Lions eye hospital.
19 Dr B. Barooah cancer institute, Kalicharan nursing home, Fatasil harijan colony and Bishnupur.
20 part of Fatashil, Harizan colony, Bhaskar and Itabhata.
21 Bhaskar Nagar area, Barshapara area, part of Lalganesh and Ananda nagar area.
22 Part of Jotikuchi, Dhopolia area, Sankar Nagar area, Ram Nagar area and part of Odalbakra.
23 Part of Dhirenpara, part of Ganeshpara, part of Datal Para, Katahbari, Garchuk, part of Ahomgaon and Betkuchi fall.
24 Lokhra area, Garbhanga area, Sarusajai area, Bor Sojai area, Sawkuchi and part of Dakhin Gaon.
25 parts of Dakhingaon, Sonaighuli area, Jugashree Nagar, Odalbakra, Jyotishreenagar area, part of Jyotikuchi and part of Shreebhuminagar.
26 Part of Kahilipara, Lutuma area, Binova Nagar area, refugee colony, Narakasur area and part of cycle factory area.
27 Birubari, parts of Rupnagar, Nizarapara, Pragati Pur area and part of Guwahati medical college area.
28 Lachit nagar, SB Deorah college, Rupnagar and Pir Baba Dargah.
29 Madhab Das high school, Udaypur, Brindaban Seva ashram and Meen Bhawan.
30 DGP office, Arya hospital, Suhagpur and Rehabari post office.
31 Digholi pukhuri and Paltanbazar .
32 Kharghuli area part, Uzanbazar and Jorpukhuri area.
33 Kharghuli area part, Nabagraha temple area, Chenikuthi area and Hadayatpur.
34 Kharghuli area part, Jaypur, Nizarapar and Nabagraha Samshan area
35 Chandmari, Milanpur, Krishnanpur and Nizarapara.
36 Rajgarh area, Pub sarania, Lachit Nagar, South Sarania, Gandhi Basti and Islampur.
37 RGB road and Rajgarh link road.
38 Anil Nagar and Nabin Nagar
39 Bhangagarh, Ganeshguri and RGB road.
40 parts of medical college, Christian Basti, Udayachal, Ganeshguri and part of Kahilipara and jatia.
41 Jatia, Khilipara, Dakhingaon, Hatigaon, Basisthapur
42 Barsajai(part), Hatigaon(part), Notboma(part) and Embankment road(part)
43 Sarusajai, Barsajai, Saukuchi, and Nalapara area.
44 Basistha(part), NH 37(part), Barpathar, and Ganesh Nagar area (part)
45 Maidam area (part), Khanapara area (part), Bhakrapara area (part) and Basistha area (part).
46 Khanpara area (part NC), Maidam area (part), Beltola area (part) and Khanapara area (part).
47 Beltola (part), Bongaon and Hatigaon area.
48 Rukminigaon (part), GS road (part) and capital complex.
49 Sorumotoria, Hengrabari, VIP road, Dwarka nagar area and Mathura nagar area.
50 Japrigog
51 Hengrabari
52 Madgaria, Kushal nagar area and Hengrabari area
53 Jyotinagar, Bamunimaidam and new Gauhati railway colony.
54 Chandmari, Milanpur and Krishna Nagar area (part).
55 Noonmati, Jyotinagar, Choonsali area, Bamunimaidam and Ananda nagar.
56 Bhabanipur, Number 2 Salbari, Sector-3 and New Guwahati.
57 Noonmati refinery, Number 1 Salbari, Gopal Nagar, Swahid Nagar and Kenduguri.
58 Birkuchi, Kalitakuchi(part), Satgaon and Narengi housing colony.
59 Baghorbari(part), Satgaon (part), Hengrabari (part), Dwaranda (part) and Juripur (part).
60 Bagorbari(part), Satgaon(part) and Madhab Nagarof Khanapara area.

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